Monthly Meetup YP Event

   First off, I’m a proud member of our local Young Professionals group. It’s a great way to stay connected, mingle with other like-minded local professionals, and give back to our community.

   Here’s a little look at what they’re all about according to their website:

“The Young Professionals Mission is to foster an environment that attracts and retains young talent in the community. Our YP program is designed to energize, engage, and empower young professionals, ages 21 – 40, in our Region by providing opportunities for YP members to actively shape the future of Greater Columbus Georgia. “

If you are interested in learning more, please check out

Every first Tuesday of the month, they host an event open to all interested at different venues around town. Last nights festivities were located at B. Merrell’s, a great local restaurant known for their amazing wings, beer tours, and rotisserie chicken. You can see more about this favorite at


 B&B Beverage Company joined us to bring first tastings of new brews coming to our area soon. Check out the menu and setup below

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The beers were all fantastic and B&B even had one of their extremely knowledgeable reps present to teach us how to truly appreciate these palate teasers. I didn’t taste a single beer that wasn’t great but I’d have the say that the Drafty Kilt was a personal favorite and I can’t wait until it starts being sold here. Also the pricing on the beers, if you decided to buy single, was nice too at only $2.50!!

Brought two friends along with me this time (hopefully they’ll both join and note that I referred them!) and they had a fantastic time as well. They seem pretty excited for the next upcoming event, Screen on the Green ( I signed up to volunteer this time around and after seeing last years flash mob, I’m super excited to see what the YP’s will be putting together!