Planet Pops!

If you’ve read my previous post about Steel City Pops, you should already have an idea of how much of a popsicle shop lover I am. Well guess what?? Columbus, GA has recently gained it’s very own pop-shop!! It’s located downtown right next to the Black Cow restaurant on 12th St. They have new flavors every day and have recently completed a new website that should be updated often.

We decided to add fresh popsicles to our Tuesday night bike riding ritual and here are some pictures of our first trip!


The inside is gorgeously redone and much bigger than you’d think. I spoke with the owner and he stated that he too had gone to Steel City in Birmingham and had loved the idea so much, that he decided we needed one here as well! Small world, right?


I decided to get a little crazy this time and order the Coffee and Cream. So good!! At first it tastes like strong coffee then you start to get the sweetness of the cream. Would be a great after meal dessert.

Can’t wait to get back and taste ALL of the other fun flavors!!

Shameless Brotherly Promotion!!

Not only do I love food but I also have a little brother who loves food as well!


I’m not sure why he likes this picture but whatevs!

My brother, Jack, lives out in West Hollywood, CA and has recently started a locally based food blog. Although the site is relatively new, it’s worth checking out and I’m excited about seeing new upcoming reviews! From fast food favorites to fish flavored amuse-bouche, his descriptions leave you the feeling that you could have been there and tasted every morsel yourself.

Go ahead, check it out and let me know your thoughts!

Home SWEET Budgets

Guess who is now an official key carrying, grocery buying, broke and stuck at home house renter?? That’s right, it’s me!


In the past, I’ve lived with multiple significant others and a few friends but never actually been responsible for my own place. Well not anymore! This girl is moving up in the world and as of today, my roommate and I have signed the papers and obtained the door opening devices to our very own home! It’s adorable in yellow and white, gleaming hardwood floors, and decent sized yard. There’s even a wonderful little sun room!

Although I can barely contain my excitement, this is a HUGE step for me. I’m used to buying the things I want or dancing and drinking the night away as I please. For the first time in my whole life (yes, I understand that at 28 I am a little late!) I’ve got my very own… budgeting concerns. For someone with hardly any bills, besides the gym and bad shopping habits, this already seems like the hardest thing I’ve ever been faced with. Instead of focusing on how I’ll make it monetarily , I’m concentrating on the small things that need to happen to make this feel like home.  For example, I’ve been planning and decorating the walls. Who knew how much a painting or a new coffee table could bring together a room!! I’ve also learned that a full fridge can be very exciting as well. Yesterday I did some shopping and stocked my fridge with edible delights from the dollar store and Big Lots. Can you believe that they actually carry eggs??

dollar st

Let this picture in no way represent my cooking skills. I actually consider myself a great cook, it’s the grocery shopping that kills me. No longer do I have to convenience of a fully stocked kitchen and pantry!

So I am a little poorer than I have been in a long time. No biggie, I also now have the freedom and space to do as I please! If I get the urge to slide around the house in my socks, so be it! If I don’t feel up to washing the dishes, they’ll just have to wait until tomorrow! The power is mine!!

For a while I know that I’ll be learning new things that I might not be comfortable with yet. I know that my new space may be smaller and less together than I’m used to.  I also know that I can do this. I can rent a house, pay my bills, and perhaps soon, be a thrifty, successful, supermarket connoisseur! Until then I’ll just have to take all of my newly gained knowledge and experience and make the best of this exciting time in my life.


10 Year Reunion

It’s 2013 and it’s Time for My Dreaded 10 Year Reunion.

Actually, I’m not dreading it at all!  A few years ago I attended a 10 year with an ex-boyfriend of mine and ended up having a blast. He was 5 years older than I was and apparently everyone his age was dating someone my age so it ended up being one big fun party.

I mean, dressing up and drinking in fancy places? COUNT ME IN!!


So a few weeks ago I was contacted by one of my old ’03 classmates who was apparently in charge of getting this event together. Keep in mind that the year is almost over and I haven’t been available for a single planning meeting. He stated that he’s been very busy and unable to accomplish venue planning and other details. No problem! I’d love to help and LOVE planning parties.  He then informs me that the set date for the reunion will be Aug 24 – IN 46 DAYS!! Now, I could have just said it was impossible but I do so enjoy a challenge!

After finding a venue only to have them cancel one week later because they were opening a restaurant within the next few weeks, I’ve managed to secure a new one that I KNOW won’t be going anywhere – The Marriott Downtown. I’ve helped secure a DJ, buffet, and even set up an online pay page all while trying to keep the Facebook page updated and appease all of my former classmates.

If if sounds like I’m patting myself on the back, I suppose I am a bit. All this planning isn’t near as easy as I’d thought it would be but I’m thrilled to be feeling such a sense of accomplishment!

Now with the event only two weeks away, I’m starting to feel slightly apprehensive. Will enough people buy tickets (at this juncture, we only have one couples ticket bought out of 50 people!) Will everyone show up? Will there be enough food? Is the room too small? Do I need to make a speech? I secretly hope so! What if the DJ is too loud? Am I over-thinking everything? Possibly. Truth is that I just really want everyone to have a good and memorable time. At the same time all of this makes me wonder,

Am I becoming too concerned with all of the planning details to a have a good time at my own reunion??

images (1)

I’m guessing that we’ll just have to see how things are going within the next few weeks. And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to update you!

Thirsty Thursday

There are times in life when a friend will call you and ask you to meet for a drink. You have two choices. I usually lean towards the more festive decision. Like blowing off your prior made “boring” responsibilities and enjoying some well lubricated conversation with awesome people instead!

On the way I informed everyone that I would without doubt be joining the fun despite my scheduled gym trainer appointment (Don’t judge! I’ll make it up!) and the unfortunate fajita lunch accident that resulted in quite a few not so adorable stains on my top. We all met up at The Living Room which we all love mostly because of the comfortable seating and great atmosphere.


It was a little warm but luckily all of the mini fans were blowing and umbrellas were up so we got to relax in relative shade. Over fruit concentrated drinks we caught up on work, our love lives, and all of the offensive jokes we had not yet told one another.

When we finished, we decide to get some food. Now Downtown (or Uptown??) Columbus has really been growing in a huge way recently. With the new whitewater and CSU campus bringing so many new people to the area, restaurants have been popping up left and right. This time we all decided to try a place that none of us had yet had a chance to try called The Burger Joint.


It was a SUPER hard choice between the Surf & Turf burger, made using lump crab meat instead of the usual beef patty, the veggie patty, or the regular burger. In the end though, I decided to go with the  100% Angus beef patty since it was called the The Burger Joint and just make it really special. I requested it be loaded iceberg lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes, T.B.J. Sauce (a spread made with lumps of fresh garlic), smoked paprika mayo, white cheddar horseradish and chive cheese and thick sliced apple-wood bacon on a 9-grain sprouted bun.  As my side I ordered the sea salt and vinegar fries and was not disappointed. Service here takes a bit longer because, as the sign above the register states “Be patient please. We make everything from scratch”. I really enjoyed my burger and fries (a friend also had their Black & Tan beer battered onion rings and OMG were they good!) and can’t wait to go back and try some more interesting combinations! While the restaurant is relatively new, the staff were enthusiastic about the food, new things coming in the future, and very friendly. Found their early online website but be sure to swing by and check them out!

Monthly Meetup YP Event

   First off, I’m a proud member of our local Young Professionals group. It’s a great way to stay connected, mingle with other like-minded local professionals, and give back to our community.

   Here’s a little look at what they’re all about according to their website:

“The Young Professionals Mission is to foster an environment that attracts and retains young talent in the community. Our YP program is designed to energize, engage, and empower young professionals, ages 21 – 40, in our Region by providing opportunities for YP members to actively shape the future of Greater Columbus Georgia. “

If you are interested in learning more, please check out

Every first Tuesday of the month, they host an event open to all interested at different venues around town. Last nights festivities were located at B. Merrell’s, a great local restaurant known for their amazing wings, beer tours, and rotisserie chicken. You can see more about this favorite at


 B&B Beverage Company joined us to bring first tastings of new brews coming to our area soon. Check out the menu and setup below

1005784_649149941764139_988069833_n                                    961187_10151837655387146_2002510523_n

The beers were all fantastic and B&B even had one of their extremely knowledgeable reps present to teach us how to truly appreciate these palate teasers. I didn’t taste a single beer that wasn’t great but I’d have the say that the Drafty Kilt was a personal favorite and I can’t wait until it starts being sold here. Also the pricing on the beers, if you decided to buy single, was nice too at only $2.50!!

Brought two friends along with me this time (hopefully they’ll both join and note that I referred them!) and they had a fantastic time as well. They seem pretty excited for the next upcoming event, Screen on the Green ( I signed up to volunteer this time around and after seeing last years flash mob, I’m super excited to see what the YP’s will be putting together!