Thirsty Thursday

There are times in life when a friend will call you and ask you to meet for a drink. You have two choices. I usually lean towards the more festive decision. Like blowing off your prior made “boring” responsibilities and enjoying some well lubricated conversation with awesome people instead!

On the way I informed everyone that I would without doubt be joining the fun despite my scheduled gym trainer appointment (Don’t judge! I’ll make it up!) and the unfortunate fajita lunch accident that resulted in quite a few not so adorable stains on my top. We all met up at The Living Room which we all love mostly because of the comfortable seating and great atmosphere.


It was a little warm but luckily all of the mini fans were blowing and umbrellas were up so we got to relax in relative shade. Over fruit concentrated drinks we caught up on work, our love lives, and all of the offensive jokes we had not yet told one another.

When we finished, we decide to get some food. Now Downtown (or Uptown??) Columbus has really been growing in a huge way recently. With the new whitewater and CSU campus bringing so many new people to the area, restaurants have been popping up left and right. This time we all decided to try a place that none of us had yet had a chance to try called The Burger Joint.


It was a SUPER hard choice between the Surf & Turf burger, made using lump crab meat instead of the usual beef patty, the veggie patty, or the regular burger. In the end though, I decided to go with the  100% Angus beef patty since it was called the The Burger Joint and just make it really special. I requested it be loaded iceberg lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes, T.B.J. Sauce (a spread made with lumps of fresh garlic), smoked paprika mayo, white cheddar horseradish and chive cheese and thick sliced apple-wood bacon on a 9-grain sprouted bun.  As my side I ordered the sea salt and vinegar fries and was not disappointed. Service here takes a bit longer because, as the sign above the register states “Be patient please. We make everything from scratch”. I really enjoyed my burger and fries (a friend also had their Black & Tan beer battered onion rings and OMG were they good!) and can’t wait to go back and try some more interesting combinations! While the restaurant is relatively new, the staff were enthusiastic about the food, new things coming in the future, and very friendly. Found their early online website but be sure to swing by and check them out!