Event Planning Is Going to Give Me a Brain Aneurysm

Planning this reunion has to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.

It’s a hard lesson to learn but it is extremely difficult to make everyone happy. Especially when working a full-time job, attempting to do math, appeasing the masses, and trying to look pretty doing it. It’s beginning to seem as if every little thing I’ve done thus far has begun to unravel.  After being stressed  for months over all of the details, I found out this morning that we are around $584 over budget! Definitely not an easy blow to receive at nine in the morning and four days before the actual event.

Honestly, my biggest fear is failure. Failing not only my classmates but also myself. After all of my hard work and dedication towards making this happen, will I be remembered as the girl no one asks to help out again or as the unsung hero of something great that almost didn’t happen?

I’d like to think that if everyone who had RSVPed had bought their tickets, the reunion wouldn’t be in the place it is now. But then again, it’s easy to place blame and much harder to shoulder it yourself. Maybe next time (granted there is one!) I’ll listen less to the complaints of everyone else and lean more towards what I think is practical. After all, when everyone wanted cheaper tickets, the request was obliged, even to the detriment of what is now an event on the precipice of collapse.

For now, I’ll have to try to keep my head above water. Continue sending emails and struggling for a hand-hold. The only good motion is forward motion and I’m bound and determined to make this occasion a reality.




Just Another Case of the…

After actually getting enough sleep last night, I woke up Monday morning ready to start the day with a smile on my face. Too bad Monday had other plans!

Completely ready, lunch and packed bags in hand, I walked out of my house and headed towards my car only to realize as I reached it that I could not find any car keys! After frantic searching and zero keys discovered, I remembered where I had hidden them – in my boyfriends glove compartment. Guess where he was? AT WORK. IN ANOTHER CITY. Thankfully, he’s a super wonderful person (or my freaking out on the phone about being late to work really terrified him) so he made the drive back as quickly as possible to rescue me from my keylessness without a single complaint. It’s always nice to be able to get the day’s crisis’s out of the way early so you can enjoy the rest your day!

The boyfriends Aunt recently passed and I was asked to accompany him to a viewing. after work. I’ve only been to one of these before and that time was particularly rough for me. Everyone kept telling these sad stories. That combined with the strange chemical smell that permeates the place made me never want to attend another. This one was different as no one seemed sad. I mean, of course they were sad but perhaps getting together and sharing this moment was more important than tears at the time? I think it’s so nice to see everyone get together and mingle. Too bad people really only do this when something bad happens. I think we should have regularly scheduled “Mingling Sessions” with family and friends more often to celebrate the good things in each of our lives. Wouldn’t that be much more positive??