The Uninvited Guest

About a week ago I noticed the tale-tell signs of an unwanted house guest.

When I opened the cabinet underneath our bathroom sink, I noticed the leavings of a creature small in stature and devious of character. I was able to judge his qualities by his utter disregard to our hygiene evidenced by leavings of a fecal kind and the way our toilet paper stash had been torn asunder. And so began my mission to evict this foul, destructive creature as quickly and peacefully as possible.


I did not see him but I assume he looked like this…but meaner

This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered one of these devilish rodents. I became acquainted with the common house mouse about six or seven years ago while living with one of my exes. We noticed that our animals, an orange tabby and a border terrier, were living in terror of something unseen in our kitchen. After further investigation, we discovered a tiny, brown, harmless-looking creature hiding behind our refrigerator. Not having dealt with a situation like this before, we did a little research and started gathering supplies to help hasten its demise. Full of fantastic sources, the internet instructed us pick up old-school snapping mouse traps, set them with peanuts covered in peanut butter (they REALLY like legumes, I guess),  and wait for the trap to be sprung. From our terrified post in the living room mere minutes after setting it up, we were able to hear the loud *SNAP* of the death device. Unfortunately, we learned that day that those traps don’t always kill their prey and so after a bit of a struggle between ex and mouse that ended in the creature being smashed by a shovel, I learned I definitely did not wish to ever again have to deal with something of this nature.

Now, it may sound a bit sexist but one of the perks of having a male roommate is that he gets to do the dirty work while I cook, clean, and generally keep the house in a viable state.  This leaves things like the garbage and “mouse” work to be done by him. I like to think it’s a fair deal. This time around, we (as in male roommate) decided to use the slightly more humane of the critter killing contraptions, the sticky trap.


I was certain this type of trap was not going to work. I mean, I could totally get out of a sticky trap if I wanted to, right??

Two were baited with smoked Gouda and placed about the house in hopes to capture this home-wrecker before any more damage could be done to our toilet paper or, God forbid, our kitchen dry goods. One day later, lo and behold, a little mouse was sure enough stuck to the trap! Fantastic news right? Yes and no. Once you’ve managed to capture said creature, you have to find some way of disposing of him. This is made more difficult due to the fact that he is still alive and uninjured.

From the safety of my bed, I shouted helpful instructions to my roommate. Things like “Don’t let it bite you or you might get rabies! Don’t worry though, you’d live but you might lose some mental capacity!” and “You’ve got to kill it or it will return and haunt us!”. He was not impressed and swiftly requested that I no longer offer verbal assistance so I instead I quietly waited for him to return and inform me of its annihilation.

What I am going to tell you next is gruesome so if the harming of black plague carrying rodents is likely to offend, please stop reading now. I do not condone the harming of defenseless animals in any way. This merely a record on one clueless girls mouse eviction and I reserve the right to protect my own and home. 


A sweaty, visibly shaken roomie finally pops his head into my bedroom doorway fifteen minutes later ready to inform me of our guests’ termination. Terrified by my talk of rabies, he had thrown the mouse, trap and all, into a grocer bag and then another trash bag and quickly took him outside. Knowing that he had to kill the creature but unwilling to be a physical witness to the death, he placed the bags beneath his rear vehicle tire and, in what I like to think was a swift act of mercy, ran him over. He then grabbed the bags, drove a mile down the road and discarded somewhere NOT right next to our home as he’d originally suggested be done.

Don’t you feel sad for our little expired house mouse. He had a good run but his time had run out and I’m sure he’s passed over to little mouse heaven.

As for me, it feels like a weight has been lifted. I’m absolutely ecstatic that our home is mouse free again and bound and determined it shall stay that way from here on out.

Trust me, there are few things more disgusting than creature poo.



Labor Day Escape to Atlanta Part 2

Slightly bruised and broken from the night before’s shenanigans and amply rested from spending the entire day in bed, we decided grab some greasy grub to cure the lasting effects of our hangovers. Looking for a place that could be classified as cheap, served beer, and tasted fantastic, we settled on The Vortex. Now, I’ve heard a ton about this place before entering and was expecting a bit more of a biker style bar.  Signs, bikes, and other miscellaneous  paraphernalia hung from the rafters but not a biker was seen. The cigarette smoke and relaxed environment drew us in but we stayed for the delicious burgers.


Our waiter, a thin bearded man t-shirt and jeans, told me that I had to order a burger since it was my first time here. He went over the menu and informed us of what he considered the very best burgers that The Vortex had to offer and left us to decide while we quenched our thirsts on draft brews.


I ordered the Four Horseman, described on the menu as a blackened patty topped with horseradish sauce, grilled onions, sautéed mushrooms, and jack cheese. The horseradish was zesty and creamy and really made this burger stand out. The shoestring fries that came with were awesome too and I can’t wait to try the rest of the burgers on the menu!

We also discovered that Dragon Con was happening in Atlanta during that weekend. Wishing we had purchased tickets to attend and don fun costumes, we had to settle on driving around the most congested hotels in the area that were hosting the event. Below is a picture of our run in with Katniss Everdeen and Effie Trinket!


The next day, needing to be decently fed before my 1.5 hour ride home, we stopped at Savage Pizza in Little Five Points. I absolutely ADORE the way this little shop was decorated top to bottom with comic book heroes, villains, and other iconic images.


Even the bathroom walls were covered in comic book pages!

The pizza was pretty darn good too.


Across the street from here is a little Co-Op called Sevananda Natural Foods where I hear that they have amazing soup. Still stuffed from the pizza, I didn’t get to try the soup but I did find out that these places are jam-packed with strange things.


 If you aren’t sure what this is, they are reusable sea sponge tampons. Just think about it and no thank you!

I ended my trip to ATL with a quick stop into Urban Outfitters since they were having as sale, 30% off all items already on sale. Bought an amazing red bag and a ring for someone special but I can’t manage to get this great piece of art out of my head.


You know you really should have bought something when it’s still all you can think about days later.  Classy isn’t it?? I mean, glitter AND it’s teal? It would have looked fantastic in my new house. Le Sigh. Maybe next time!!

Home SWEET Budgets

Guess who is now an official key carrying, grocery buying, broke and stuck at home house renter?? That’s right, it’s me!


In the past, I’ve lived with multiple significant others and a few friends but never actually been responsible for my own place. Well not anymore! This girl is moving up in the world and as of today, my roommate and I have signed the papers and obtained the door opening devices to our very own home! It’s adorable in yellow and white, gleaming hardwood floors, and decent sized yard. There’s even a wonderful little sun room!

Although I can barely contain my excitement, this is a HUGE step for me. I’m used to buying the things I want or dancing and drinking the night away as I please. For the first time in my whole life (yes, I understand that at 28 I am a little late!) I’ve got my very own… budgeting concerns. For someone with hardly any bills, besides the gym and bad shopping habits, this already seems like the hardest thing I’ve ever been faced with. Instead of focusing on how I’ll make it monetarily , I’m concentrating on the small things that need to happen to make this feel like home.  For example, I’ve been planning and decorating the walls. Who knew how much a painting or a new coffee table could bring together a room!! I’ve also learned that a full fridge can be very exciting as well. Yesterday I did some shopping and stocked my fridge with edible delights from the dollar store and Big Lots. Can you believe that they actually carry eggs??

dollar st

Let this picture in no way represent my cooking skills. I actually consider myself a great cook, it’s the grocery shopping that kills me. No longer do I have to convenience of a fully stocked kitchen and pantry!

So I am a little poorer than I have been in a long time. No biggie, I also now have the freedom and space to do as I please! If I get the urge to slide around the house in my socks, so be it! If I don’t feel up to washing the dishes, they’ll just have to wait until tomorrow! The power is mine!!

For a while I know that I’ll be learning new things that I might not be comfortable with yet. I know that my new space may be smaller and less together than I’m used to.  I also know that I can do this. I can rent a house, pay my bills, and perhaps soon, be a thrifty, successful, supermarket connoisseur! Until then I’ll just have to take all of my newly gained knowledge and experience and make the best of this exciting time in my life.