Planet Pops!

If you’ve read my previous post about Steel City Pops, you should already have an idea of how much of a popsicle shop lover I am. Well guess what?? Columbus, GA has recently gained it’s very own pop-shop!! It’s located downtown right next to the Black Cow restaurant on 12th St. They have new flavors every day and have recently completed a new website that should be updated often.

We decided to add fresh popsicles to our Tuesday night bike riding ritual and here are some pictures of our first trip!


The inside is gorgeously redone and much bigger than you’d think. I spoke with the owner and he stated that he too had gone to Steel City in Birmingham and had loved the idea so much, that he decided we needed one here as well! Small world, right?


I decided to get a little crazy this time and order the Coffee and Cream. So good!! At first it tastes like strong coffee then you start to get the sweetness of the cream. Would be a great after meal dessert.

Can’t wait to get back and taste ALL of the other fun flavors!!


Shameless Brotherly Promotion!!

Not only do I love food but I also have a little brother who loves food as well!


I’m not sure why he likes this picture but whatevs!

My brother, Jack, lives out in West Hollywood, CA and has recently started a locally based food blog. Although the site is relatively new, it’s worth checking out and I’m excited about seeing new upcoming reviews! From fast food favorites to fish flavored amuse-bouche, his descriptions leave you the feeling that you could have been there and tasted every morsel yourself.

Go ahead, check it out and let me know your thoughts!

Labor Day Escape to Atlanta Part 2

Slightly bruised and broken from the night before’s shenanigans and amply rested from spending the entire day in bed, we decided grab some greasy grub to cure the lasting effects of our hangovers. Looking for a place that could be classified as cheap, served beer, and tasted fantastic, we settled on The Vortex. Now, I’ve heard a ton about this place before entering and was expecting a bit more of a biker style bar.  Signs, bikes, and other miscellaneous  paraphernalia hung from the rafters but not a biker was seen. The cigarette smoke and relaxed environment drew us in but we stayed for the delicious burgers.


Our waiter, a thin bearded man t-shirt and jeans, told me that I had to order a burger since it was my first time here. He went over the menu and informed us of what he considered the very best burgers that The Vortex had to offer and left us to decide while we quenched our thirsts on draft brews.


I ordered the Four Horseman, described on the menu as a blackened patty topped with horseradish sauce, grilled onions, sautéed mushrooms, and jack cheese. The horseradish was zesty and creamy and really made this burger stand out. The shoestring fries that came with were awesome too and I can’t wait to try the rest of the burgers on the menu!

We also discovered that Dragon Con was happening in Atlanta during that weekend. Wishing we had purchased tickets to attend and don fun costumes, we had to settle on driving around the most congested hotels in the area that were hosting the event. Below is a picture of our run in with Katniss Everdeen and Effie Trinket!


The next day, needing to be decently fed before my 1.5 hour ride home, we stopped at Savage Pizza in Little Five Points. I absolutely ADORE the way this little shop was decorated top to bottom with comic book heroes, villains, and other iconic images.


Even the bathroom walls were covered in comic book pages!

The pizza was pretty darn good too.


Across the street from here is a little Co-Op called Sevananda Natural Foods where I hear that they have amazing soup. Still stuffed from the pizza, I didn’t get to try the soup but I did find out that these places are jam-packed with strange things.


 If you aren’t sure what this is, they are reusable sea sponge tampons. Just think about it and no thank you!

I ended my trip to ATL with a quick stop into Urban Outfitters since they were having as sale, 30% off all items already on sale. Bought an amazing red bag and a ring for someone special but I can’t manage to get this great piece of art out of my head.


You know you really should have bought something when it’s still all you can think about days later.  Classy isn’t it?? I mean, glitter AND it’s teal? It would have looked fantastic in my new house. Le Sigh. Maybe next time!!

Labor Day Escape to Atlanta Part 1

Sometimes, when things get hard, the best thing you can do is run away from it all. Well not really but sometimes it’s fun to do anyway!

I decided that a getaway was just what I needed and with it being a holiday weekend,I had more than enough time to head up to Atlanta for some barhopping and best friend fun.

First stop on the list was the Clermont Lounge. Before the trip, I had done a little research on this bar by checking out the website and watching a video featuring the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Alton Brown.


Located underneath what looks to be an old abandoned building, the Clermont is a seedy little strip club filled with young and old alike. Drinks were cheap and cash was the only currency accepted. Ladies from ages 28 to 67 danced around the circular bar and plied their trade using fire, glow sticks, and strange bodily movements. Signs hung from every wall warning against picture taking so unfortunately I was unable to get any of the inside. My favorite part of the experience was getting to speak to one of the girls who’d worked there for 20 years. At 67 years old and clothed in an Alice in Wonderland costume, she was spry and funny as well as unashamed of the toll that age had taken on her body. I told her that this had to be the greatest strip joint I’d ever had the pleasure to be in and that I loved how imperfect yet at ease all of the ladies looked on stage. Then someone paid her to give a lap dance to a very uncomfortable young girl and our conversation was over. I have decided that I’d like to be taken back here for my birthday in April.

Next we meet up with some other friends at Sister Louisa’s CHURCH of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium.


Every inch of this dive bar is decorated in iconic, religious or satiric imagery. Visually assaulted by the strange decor, we grabbed our cheap PBR’s and made our way outside to the beer garden-esque wooden tables.  The place was crowded with hipsters and thirsty youths. I’m sure there was more to this establishment, I just wasn’t able to located how to get to the rest of the building!



One of the doors read, “Every time you exit here, Jesus kills a kitten”. 

Next we drove to this funky and eclectic place in East Atlanta Village called Argosy. The place was huge and comfortable inside with dark wood, caged lights, and tons of seating options. I grabbed a seat at the bar and attempted to order a Bud Light. Apparently, they have a special where if you buy two draft brews, you receive a free pizza. I didn’t get one of my own but was lucky enough to try a piece and that pizza is absolutely AMAZING! Since I’ve gotten back to town, I’ve done a little research on this place and it looks like they have an awesome menu. I’ll definitely be going back there at some point in the future to try everything else but until then, check out their Facebook:

We ended the night at gay bar called Mary’s. Since it was kind of late, it wasn’t extremely busy and was mostly memorable because I twisted my ankle in my darling wedges and gained a skinned knee. Then upstairs near the extra restrooms, a saloon style door swung back and hit me directly above my eye.


So I decided to take my limping, swollen, slightly intoxicated butt home and get some rest.


Or order Chinese food. Whatever. 

Home SWEET Budgets

Guess who is now an official key carrying, grocery buying, broke and stuck at home house renter?? That’s right, it’s me!


In the past, I’ve lived with multiple significant others and a few friends but never actually been responsible for my own place. Well not anymore! This girl is moving up in the world and as of today, my roommate and I have signed the papers and obtained the door opening devices to our very own home! It’s adorable in yellow and white, gleaming hardwood floors, and decent sized yard. There’s even a wonderful little sun room!

Although I can barely contain my excitement, this is a HUGE step for me. I’m used to buying the things I want or dancing and drinking the night away as I please. For the first time in my whole life (yes, I understand that at 28 I am a little late!) I’ve got my very own… budgeting concerns. For someone with hardly any bills, besides the gym and bad shopping habits, this already seems like the hardest thing I’ve ever been faced with. Instead of focusing on how I’ll make it monetarily , I’m concentrating on the small things that need to happen to make this feel like home.  For example, I’ve been planning and decorating the walls. Who knew how much a painting or a new coffee table could bring together a room!! I’ve also learned that a full fridge can be very exciting as well. Yesterday I did some shopping and stocked my fridge with edible delights from the dollar store and Big Lots. Can you believe that they actually carry eggs??

dollar st

Let this picture in no way represent my cooking skills. I actually consider myself a great cook, it’s the grocery shopping that kills me. No longer do I have to convenience of a fully stocked kitchen and pantry!

So I am a little poorer than I have been in a long time. No biggie, I also now have the freedom and space to do as I please! If I get the urge to slide around the house in my socks, so be it! If I don’t feel up to washing the dishes, they’ll just have to wait until tomorrow! The power is mine!!

For a while I know that I’ll be learning new things that I might not be comfortable with yet. I know that my new space may be smaller and less together than I’m used to.  I also know that I can do this. I can rent a house, pay my bills, and perhaps soon, be a thrifty, successful, supermarket connoisseur! Until then I’ll just have to take all of my newly gained knowledge and experience and make the best of this exciting time in my life.


Friday Night’s Just Desserts

Not a huge fan of sweets myself, I rarely find myself interested in desserts of the confectionery kind. However, Friday night I found myself licking my lips and wandering around this cozy little wine shop.

The Bitter Brick is an adorable little corner shop in The Landings shopping center. Trendy chevron walls, dark wood, and soft candlelight make it a perfect place for a lady’s wine lunch or romantic date spot in the evening. My step-brother, Nicky J, also just so happened to be working the intimate audience with smoothly sung melodies.


I walked straight in towards chalk-laden menu boards hanging above the bakery cases that showed the types of beers they carried. After quite a few questions, I settled on a Kentucky Bourbon Barrel beer. Apparently it’s made in old bourbon barrels and tasted divine, especially for someone who is not a fan of “weird beers”.


While waiting at the bar for my brew, I became overwhelmed by the dessert choices that I had no idea that they made. Whoopee pies of all flavors, croissants, and tiny chocolates galore!!

1185614_10151865345907146_1471391193_n                                1187131_10151865345672146_1399049548_n

I settled on the s’mores and a bourbon chocolate and was not disappointed. The melty goodness of the warmed up s’more brought me right back to my childhood! I can’t wait to get by there again soon to try more of the many options!!

Check out their website at:

Also, you can receive a free chocolate with your Facebook check it!!

Vietnamese Cuisine or No Thank You, Tripe

A new Vietnamese restaurant recently opened downtown and I’d been dying to try it out. I have this problem, you see. I absolutely LOVE trying new/strange/interesting foods. So far my adventurous palate has only led me astray once (whatever you do, do not order a steak tartare burger when hungover) and I was itching to try something new.


The egg rolls were heavenly! 


I’m a huge fan of soups and picked this one out from menu within minutes. I decided to go with a combination of meats, including everything but the chicken and shrimp. The broth was  sinfully savory and the vegetables perfectly complemented it. The meat was thinly sliced and, to be honest, I wished held more flavor. No problem though as someone left a jar of hoisin on our table to help up the flavor. First bite of tripe that I discovered was passed over to my boyfriend for a taste with a few words of encouragement, “Don’t worry! It’s great!”. In hindsight, he took that taste pretty well compared to me.

If you are unsure of what this is, tripe (as defined by Wikipedia) is a type of edible offal from the stomachs of various farm animals. It was chewy, strangely textured, and looking at it had started to make me slightly green around the gills. After this initial taste, I found myself picking every single bite out. NO THANK YOU.

While it may be a while until I’m ready to place another piece of cow stomach into my mouth, I’m really glad that I was brave enough to try something new.


Mental Health Days

Once a week I get to enjoy a day off work from the daily grind of my job. A day that I like to call, with only a hint of sarcasm, my “Mental Health Day”.  I’ve worked with companies in the past where I felt overworked and underappreciated so when I took the position I now hold, it was very important to me that I would be strictly working my required forty hours. In a perfect world, I’d have every Saturday off to do as I please and make the best of the daylight I rarely enjoy, but alas, the world is not a perfect place and I must make do with what I am given.

Usually, I try to fill my day off with fun, outdoor activities and adventures usually missed but having no plans until much later, I decided that perhaps the best way to spend the day hours would be relaxing and nourishing myself.

I am so used to my regular work schedule that I woke up only a few minutes later than normal around 8:30. Guess it’s time to wake up and make some yummy breakfast! After scrounging around my kitchen for some sort of edible ingredients, here’s what I made:


Breakfast! One Eyed Jack, Deviled Egg, & Chorizo

After such an amazing little meal, tiredness overcame me and I relaxed for a late morning late. Hey, it’s my day off and I do what I want!

Around noon it was meal time again and this time I had something a better planned. I’d taken out some steaks last night and couldn’t wait to try my hand and making them. Beer in hand, I marinated in a little Dale’s and threw these bad boys into a cast iron pan. A little water and love later, and viola!


One super fresh and delicious steak salad!

A couple of movies (and beers) later, it was time to head off to my trainer for some heavy lifting. I do this once a week, usually on Thursday and pay a little too much for the pleasure. I should definitely go more often as I really enjoy meeting with my trainer and the after-burn of hard work being paid off. What I really struggle with, is making enough time. I know that my health should be foremost but it’s not only the 30 minutes that it’s hard to make time for, I also live 45 minutes away from the gym. Then if I want to go out after, I’ve got to locate somewhere to clean up and re-dress.  Enough complaining. So I’m a huge fan of food and not so much the gym.


BOGO Burgers Monday!

A good buddy of mine is a bartender at our local Locos Bar and Grill. Whenever the restaurant has a special, he sends out a text to his friends to let them know. Monday I received a text that it was BOGO burgers and $6 pitchers while the Braves are playing. If you dont know, BOGO means Buy One Get One and so this was a deal I couldn’t pass up!

552656_10151852325377146_989180495_n              1080920_10151850802372146_639418335_n

I ordered the Grilled Chicken Burger (which I don’t have a picture of because it was TOO good). The chicken was juicy, the cheese melty, and the veggies had just enough bite. Count me in for that burger every Monday! And to wash all this deliciousness down?? Why, margarita pitchers of course!

And just remember 


Friday is my Second Favorite F Word

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job but I love a night out even more!

After slaving away on the phone from 9-6 I was more than ready to grab a frosty beverage somewhere. Met up with an old friend I’d recently been running into as well as some of the usual gang. It’s always nice getting to play catch up and creating new memories so I rushed over to meet them, a group that would end up totaling five, at bar called Spicoli’s that just reopened across town. Why the rush? Apparently their happy hour consists of $4 beer pitchers. At that price, of course I immediately ordered two for myself!


We laughed, we danced, we mingled, we definitely drank a little too much.

I’ll admit I went to bed a tad to late and today I am absolutely exhausted.

 Even though I work forty-five minutes from my house, I always manage to make it into the office about twenty-five minutes early. Well I wasn’t late today but I wasn’t early either. Hey, at least I’m here!

On the way I grabbed a hot gas station chicken biscuit. I’d like to say it was wonderful but in all honesty I think I’ll pass next time. Biscuit was dry even with mayo (english muffin > biscuit) and who only uses ONE chicken finger?? What was I supposed to put between the rest of the bread?? At least I had a yummy mother made/packed lunch to look forward to.

Today’s lunchtime hangover cure

Homemade Pot Roast

1085451_10151845556642146_286748939_n (1)

Isn’t my mother the very best for knowing just the thing that would make me feel better?

Thanks PTuggs!!