Adore Me Lingerie

I found an lingerie site that, with sign up, you could receive 50% off your first order so I decided to order myself some since my collection at this time is almost nonexistent.  After looking through the site, I decided I was really interested in something sexy to sleep in. After all, who doesn’t like to feel sexy when they’re asleep?

I did a little research and decided on a black babydoll set. I chose it because it looked like it wasn’t TOO revealing and because it looked like it might be sort of comfy to sleep in.

IMG_4408[1]The box arrived a little smashed but I just love mail so I couldn’t WAIT to open.


Again, love the packaging. What a fun gift for myself!
IMG_4410[1]Here’s the set that arrived. I do like it but it looks a little too see-through for me. We’ll have to see how well it looks on but I might return for a different style.

I completely recommend this site though. The customer service reps were very nice and answered every question that I had extremely quickly. They even have reps available on instant message so that you don’t have to bother with calling or emails. I wish every site was this easy to order from!

What do you think? Have you ever ordered from Adore Me and how was your experience? Please share!

Ipsy Subscription September

This month I signed up for a new box called Ipsy. It’s only $10 a month and each month comes with/in a cute makeup bag! Here’s some information about this subscription service from the site:

“Michelle Phan has inspired countless women around the world through her beauty video tutorials on YouTube. Every day, the question Michelle gets asked the most is: “What are the right products for me?”

With infinite beauty product combinations in the marketplace, choosing the best items for your needs can be a challenge! That was why Michelle created ipsy. Michelle and her team of stylists have selected products they love, for you to try.

Each month, subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Members can watch and play along with the stylists with the same products that they are using. ”

Sounds promising, right? Here’s what I received this month:


When the mailperson walked in with this shiny pink envelope, I got so excited! I love shiny things!

1368843_10151919159307146_1530938995_nThis month’s glam bag is adorable and I love the pattern!


The Life Palette is a sample pallet from the Em Cosmetics line themed around “Career Life”.  It’s a pretty small sample so I’m not sure if I’ll try but the colors are pretty. 1368708_10151919159182146_1798372524_nIt’s So Big Volumizing Mascara from Elizabeth Mott

I love getting mascara in boxes. They are all so different and it’s really nice to get to experiment with a nice brand.

1290038_10151919159127146_1015879788_nFull Repair Full Body Shampoo/Conditioner by John Frieda

John Frieda makes hair products that really work with my flat, fine hair. I’ll be putting these to use ASAP!

1278384_10151919159252146_1275498765_nStarlooks Kohl Eye Pencil in Obsidian

NYX Eyeshadow in Sparkle White

I’m not a huge pencil user since I prefer liquid liner but it’s nice to have a backup and I do swear by black. I’m not sure if I’m sold on this color eyeshadow yet as it looks a little shiny green in the light but I have used this brand before and it’s usually very pretty on. I really hope this turns out more gold than green!

So that’s it for my Ipsy Glam Bag. So far, I definitely wasn’t as impressed as with Birchbox but I do love the little bag included. I wonder how many little makeup bags I actually need though. I’ll probably try this once more and if the quality doesn’t improve for me, I’ll cancel.


These weren’t from Ipsy but I wanted to share anyway as they came in the mail the same day!

1368710_10151919159057146_919795501_nFound these on Sale from The Classy Touch Boutique for about $16 a piece and just had to order! Cute, right??

Please make sure to leave some thoughts and comments for me 🙂

September Birchbox

This month happens to be Birchbox’s anniversary and so is themed around heritage.. Here’s what the insert card has to say:

“The best part about beauty? It’s not the glitter or the gloss, or even those antioxidants from far-off lands. It’s the stories. Every brand we work with, from the just-hatched to the iconic, has its own fascinating history. Just look at Ruffian, a New York-based fashion label started by two designers with a flair for Victorian drama. Their first nail lacquer collection – which all our subscribers will get to try this month – was inspired by the runways but voted on by you. File that away for party conversation when someone compliments your mani.

This also happens to be our anniversary month, and we can’t let it pass without thanking the people who have helped create our story: our members. All we had was an idea – we needed you to add the magic.”


This month 100 subscribers could receive a $100 voucher in their box to spend in the online shop. Unfortunately, I didn’t get this in mine as I have a good idea of what I would have spent it on!


Beauty Protector Protect & Condition/Shampoo – Full-size $21.95 each

Seems like I’ve been receiving quite a few shampoos and conditioners lately. I like these sample more when they come in bottles as the soft tear packages are hard to keep and use in an organized manner. I haven’t tried yet, but since I recently moved out, all necessary products like shampoo are greatly appreciated!


Dr. Jart+ Premium BB Cream SPF 45+ – Full-size $39

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips – Full-size $14.50

I’ve gotten this BB cream in a box before and as a lover of all BB creams, whenever I run out of my larger tubes, I immediate reach for these so it’s always nice to have some backup in stock. As for the Nipple Balm, I’ve very excited to use this product. It’s description states that it was originally made for nursing moms which to me means that it’s got to be safe and very hydrating. It also says that you can use this on lips, cuticles, and elbows as needed. I’ll toss this in my purse and I’m sure it will come in hand when I’m out and about, especially with fall right around the corner.

Last but not least, this is the product that I’m most excited about using.


Ruffian Nail Lacquer in Fox Hunt – Full-size $10

When I first set eyes on this color, i was a little hesitant. It looks like a burnt orange and I’ve never been someone who orange looks great on. I was willing to give this a change since it looked like a good fall color and I am an Auburn fan (WDE!) and I absolutely ADORE this color on!! The polish goes on super smooth and shiny as well. I didn’t even have to use a clear coat! I really hope they include more colors in upcoming boxes.

Feel free to share what you received in your box too!


August Birchbox

If you haven’t heard of Birch Box, you absolutely have to check it out. It’s a monthly subscription service I’ve been subscribed to for a few years now. Since I now have a blog, I can share with you what I receive. Luck you!

Here’s a little about the box from their website:

The Birchbox

Each month, you’ll receive a selection of samples that we’ve tried (and retried) ourselves. We source our samples from both well-known brands and emerging gems. The women’s subscription includes everything from skin care to makeup, as well as fun non-beauty extras. The men’s subscription delivers top-tier grooming products in addition to lifestyle accessories ranging from hip socks to tech accessories. Check out the ever-growing list of products in our Women’s Shop and Men’s Shop.

The Content

Our original content helps you get the most out of your samples. We’re a source of inspiration, advice, and information. We’ll show you how to master techniques and upgrade your daily routine with articles, expert interviews, and videos. Dive into the Birchbox Magazine and explore the The Guide.

The Shop

When you are ready for more of the products you sampled, you can purchase full-size versions directly from the Birchbox Shop. We have a generous loyalty program that rewards you every time you shop, refer friends, and give feedback on your monthly samples. You can redeem Birchbox Points and save on any full-size or gift purchase.


I chose this box based on price (only $10/mth) and rating through sites like It usually arrives around the 15th and I look forward to the surprises inside every month.

This Months Box

This month the theme is Finishing School.

“Once upon a time, finishing school meant an elegant Swiss academy where a young lady went to learn the intricacies of high society. While the concept may feel a bit outdated (truth be told, we’re more likely to sign up for a night class in Photoshop), we love the idea of zeroing in on the details: from the elegance of a handwritten invitation, to the confidence-boosting power of bright red lipstick.”


I wasn’t as impressed with this month’s box as I usually am. There weren’t may samples I’ll actually use unfortunately.


Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes – Full Size $25.95

20%-30% off Ann Taylor items

I’m going to throw the feet wipes in my purse because I’m sure I’ll end up using them. Perhaps at an upcoming music festival? As for the discount code, I never end up using these things.


Juice Beauty Oil-free Moisturizer – Full Size $28

Coastal Shadow – Full Size $34-$39

I wish that the eye-shadows had come in a more durable container as I’m not sure how well they’ll fair in my makeup case. I do like the colors though and will definitely give them a go for a night out.  Since I have pretty clear skin, I probably won’t be using a moisturizer any time soon but it will be great around the season change!


Stila All Day Liquid Stick – Full Size $22

TanTowel Classic Formula Self-Tan Towelettes – Full Size $24

Very excited to try the stila lip color and the color looks very fun! It’s a little bit more of a fall color than I’m ready for though. I think I’ll save the tan towels for the reunion to brighten up my fair skin.

As I said, not the best box I’ve received but still fun to open none the less.

Let me know what you think of Birch Box and be sure to check out the site!