Dancing Needles War Eagle Special!

Dancing Needles is a cute local boutique store that I love to order gifts from. They are always having great specials and deals that I hear about through their Facebook page. Unfortunately, they are located a little far from my office and close before I can get over there so rarely do I get to grab one of these great bargains. I am so glad that I was able to participate in this one!

Since Alabama and Auburn won their games over the weekend, Dancing Needles celebrated by giving their football loving customers a free gift. All that was required of you was to run by the store and yell “Roll Tide” or “War Eagle”. Not one to miss a deal of any kind and huge AU fan, I made my way down and excitedly yelled War Eagle. Here’s the cute cup that they made for me!
IMG_4411[1]Interested in a free cup of your own? Keep an eye on their Facebook age for new weekly deals and specials. This week I hear they’re having a Georgia tumbler or wine glass giveaway!

Check them out at www.facebook.com/DancingneedlesGA

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